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Welcome: Referee's Reading Room

Referees face some tough questions:

What are key points to mention during any pre-game conference?

How can we be "approachable" as officials? 

What shapes our philosophy of officiating?

How do we know we are using common sense consistently?

Do we know what to do if we are "being worked" by a coach, and how can we communicate effectively in these situations?

Becoming the best referee may ask us to consider these and other important questions...

Two adages that are useful for officials:

-- "Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer" --

Do referees ever use this advice in tough situations, and is it an acceptable form of game management?  (See Stress and Coping section to review some techniques including Approach and Avoidance)

-- "When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate 

steps to correct it" --

Does this saying pertain to sports officials, and what are the best ways to correct errors? 

These and other sayings are written in:

Instructions for life in the new millennium by the Dalai Lama