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Referees benefit from external and also personal assessment tools:


An External Assessment Example:


“Performance Competencies” are of interest to improve referee skills.  One useful effectiveness rating scale for referees is the BARS scale.

Using the BARS scale, referees can receive feedback on their “Performance Competencies,” as

an assessment tool to improve refereeing. 

BARS can be found at:

Development of a Rating Scale for Determining Competence in Basketball Referees: Implications for Sport Psychology. by Anshel, M. H. (1995). Published in: The Sport Psychologist, 9(1), 4-28. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics

A Personal Assessment:


Serious referees may employ a "diary" as a personal assessment tool.  By recording thoughts about what problems, questions, concerns, etc. occur during their contests.  Referees can accrue both short-term improvement, and use their feedback as a record to review later on for long-term retention.