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Coach and Referee Survey Data

Some of the questions this survey sought to evaluate were:
How often do we use websites to prepare for game-day; For how long?

How satisfied are we with the current internet tools for prep; and what categories would best suit needs for referee, coach, or player training: For example, Philosophy vs. Psychology vs.
Ethics vs. Fitness

At the right are answers to the 1st portion of the survey questions

Results from a Survey of Sports Professionals

Survey Responses and Analysis

How often do you use a sports or referee-oriented website to prepare for games?

“Values & Percents”

*43.5% of survey-takers use sports or referee websites frequently;[3-7 days/week]

*30% use these websites only[1-2 days/week]

*26.1% of survey-takers say they [never] use a sports website in game-prep

When you consult a website in game preparation, it is for about how many minutes?
For these responses, you can see the "values & percents" that range from 30+ minutes, 20-30 mins., 10-20 mins., 5-10 mins., and finally "not at all" for those survey-takers who responded to [never] using internet from question 2. 

We would like to use this data to shape content and website features that connect to given time expectations for online sports resources; See data for Q3 just below:

Other Interesting Findings Include:
According to the survey that also asked,

“What do you need most from a referee and sports-oriented website?”
73.9% of survey-takers responded that “Rules Interpretation” is ‘most useful’ 

Filo, Kevin & Funk, Daniel C. Explain in their 2005 "Congruence between Attractive Product Features and Virtual Content Delivery for Internet Marketing Communication" in Sport Marketing Quarterly,

“The purpose of [their] research is to evaluate specific features of a sport organization that consumers identify as attractive and compare such features to the virtual content presented as part of the sport organization’s Internet marketing communication”

Whether accessing a sports-oriented website in the course of daily routines or for a specific function in preparation, it is important to analyze what internet content is particularly beneficial for enhancing a professional outlook.

To develop Table I, data was drawn from National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) summit attendees, Northwestern University sports website survey-takers, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
The websites listed here shows qualities inherent in some other quality online sources and shows media that exists on these sports websites.